DragonQuest 9: Demo!!

So Dragon quest 9 is a game that has caught my eye since the definitive edition was revealed at the start of the year. Never played one before, so it would be a nice break from my other games I’ve got this year. I know the combat looks similar to Final Fantasy etc (Turn based combat), but that’s all I really knew about it.

Your character during DragonQuest 9

I got back from a holiday where the internet seemed none existent to discover that there had been a demo released for this! Perfect! I get to try it out and not risk loosing out on money if I don’t enjoy it. So it went straight onto my download list!

Once it had finally downloaded, I dove straight in and was amazing at how pretty the game actually is. Now this was just the intro movie, they usually look pretty to draw you in. But even with the game play it look amazing. When you decide to start a game, it does ask if you want to play in 3D mode or 2D mode. Unfortunately, 2D mode isn’t available on the demo. But from the screenshot, I assume that this makes it like the original Dragon quest 9? Tried to google it, but didn’t get very far as I think it was showing me the other games. It did take a while before I could actually get into the game and start playing it instead of watching cut-scene after cut-scene.

Erik..a character you meet during your time in the demo.

I was really surprised at how long this demo lasts! As of yet, I haven’t actually come to an end where it says the usual ‘end of demo, buy the game on blah blah’. There have been times where I thought that it would be the end only for it to carry on. You meet new characters, you get a little twist in there (or at least I didn’t expect it) and you can spend time getting a real feel for the combat.

Speaking of which, I don’t understand the need to move around during the combat. No matter how far away I was from enemies, they would always hit me. Is there something I’m missing with this part of it? Let me know.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying the demo and it has pretty much had me convinced immediately to buy the game. So I think I will be taking advantage of the voucher off that Nintendo are currently running (Check it out, it might be worth it!) and get Dragon Quest 9 and Luigis Mansion 3 (That’s a defo, no demo needed for that!)

Now this wasn’t a review, it was mainly me just putting some thoughts down on paper (paper?) on what I think of the game. If you’re unsure if you want the game, head over the e-shop now to try it out for yourself!

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