Lack Of Creativity -Disappeared with Age?

I’m currently going through that stage where I want to create so many different things. If you’ve followed anything that I’ve done, you would have noticed that I’ve gone through different softwares to help satisfy my creatives urges.

I used to make Sprites based flash animations on the website called Newgrounds. Loved doing it, but each episode took months planning and actually animating. Thing is, they weren’t the best. But I loved it. I loved the entertainment that it brought people. There are so many ideas that I didn’t even get to start (The Caveman is one I always wish I followed up).

I’ve had several different Youtube channels, trying to get as many subscribers as possible. It’s not about trying to make money, it’s just because I love creating content. I tried making photo wall papers on zedge for people to download (This one was fairly successful, got plenty of downloads!).

I tried my hand at Blender. Trying to make 3D animations of my old Group (Geeking It Up A Notch) as our Minecraft characters. I re-did a video or 2 and loved it. Really enjoyed learning a new skill and seeing the finished product. That died down because I didn’t get the support or response I had hoped from certain people. It kinda killed my motivation and my enjoyment of it.

I’ve now got the urge to start making/editing photos again, but my problem is, I don’t know what to make, what to edit. I do feel that I should just go for a long walk somewhere (especially now I have a dog) and take some photos of the country/rivers etc. I’ve got a good enough camera to hopefully get some good shots, then I can edit them to my hearts content.

I’d like to make some strange images again like I used to do in the myspace days (Yes, I’m that old). I loved doing those, and I loved getting the feedback off people. Hell, I might try to re-create some of them with the newer software and see how it goes.

That’s all off me for now. I’ll continue to look into the photo editing, see if I can maybe create some images or just make things look prettier.

Let me know if you have any ideas or hints & tips. Thanks all!

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