So, I’ve done it yet again. I’ve changed the look of the website and deleted all the posts that were on it. Why have I done this? Truth be told, I’m not always 100% sure. This time however, it’s because I’ve had the urge recently to begin writing a blog.

I think my problem has always been that I have expected amazing results instantly. When those instant results don’t appear, I get disheartened with the work I’m doing and it slowly comes to a stop. So now, I’ve decided to take a seat back from spending hours creating videos, photo editing loads of wallpapers and settle down with a personal blog.

I’ve wanted to write my own blog for a while now. A few years back I used to keep an online diary. I think it started when I was staying over in hospital once and one of the social workers thought it might be a good idea. So I tried to write in it every day, didn’t always happen, but it was a different change of pace to try and write down all my thoughts into words. It was fun (sometimes) to look back and see what I had written during my stay in the hospital, or maybe what I had written this time last year.

So the point is that I want to try and do that again. Just create a blog post for my thoughts on what’s happening in the world of MsP. If any of my posts manage to gather some views/comments, then that’s a bonus. I will still continue to try and make entertainment for you all to enjoy, but it will be rare and it won’t have a specified schedule. Just as and when it happens.

So, let this be the start of hopefully something awesome for me; and maybe something awesome for you guys and girls out there.

Till next time.