I seem to go through so many different pieces of software to calm my creative urges. I used to love Flash animating. I spent weeks, sometime months on work with KarlosTheJackal, creating our Sonic: The Dark Side series. Ahhh good times. Not sure if the videos are still around on newgrounds, hopefully I have them backed up somewhere (Note to self: Hunt for these)

I have done (and still do) game recording, editing and photography editing. I love doing it, something just satisfying working on them. Now I have moved onto 3D animations/photos.

I did have a brief look at it years and years ago. But I couldn’t get my head around it. But now I have a piece of software called ‘Blender’. It’s amazing and best of all, it’s free! I’ve made a couple of animations already (re-creating my old flash ones) and made 1 image I’m happy with (Below)

The Crew Fighting for Peter…the only trophy that matters

The animations are currently on my instagram and my youtube channel. If you get time, have a watch and let me know what you think. I’m aiming to create more animations, but I need some inspiration of what to create first.

Speak soon!