With all the lock-downs and quarantines that’s happening all over the world at the moment. You’re going to need something to pass the time. Well, if you happen to have a Nintendo Switch, then you’re in luck! Animal Crossing is here and it’s the perfect escape from this scary world.

Once you have created your character and answered a few questions, you’re dropped on your island and that’s pretty much it. You are given some tasks to do by the Raccoons that run the area, but other than that you can do what ever you want. It doesn’t sound like much, but honestly, you will find yourself wanting to decorate your house. Make friends with all the neighbours. Design the inside and outside of your house (maybe the Island!) constantly. Especially when you finally pay the Raccoons for a bigger house!

One of my favourite things in Animal Crossing is the Custom Design App. This app is within the game. You are given a blank canvas and you can design anything you want (Keep it SFW though). You can then wear these, use it as wallpapers, carpet or just hang it on the wall as art. I like to design my own clothes and display loads of art.

You can see some of the pictures I have taken in the Album collection above. I will be updating this both on here and on my Instagram (Come visit!) whenever I get some good shots. There is also a video playlist of my adventures on youtube (see below).

Grab this game guys. And escape this current crazy world we are living in.

Until next time.