Pretty much anyone I know with a Nintendo Switch is playing Animal Crossing. Or wishing that they were playing Animal Crossing. It’s an highly addictive game which is perfect for these horrible quarantine times we are currently in. Now I’m getting towards the ‘end game’ of Animal Crossing, I’m discovering the problems of wanting the perfect Island.

First of all, it’s designing your Island in your vision. Currently I’m stuck for motivation, but one thing that is really hindering my progress on it is any new buildings. There are leaks going around that we are getting some new buildings. Now I’m not such how true these leaks are. They could be completely false. But I don’t want to build over the entirety of my Island only to find I need to take stuff down to make room for the new buildings.

Secondly, it’s the villagers. Luckily you can scan in the Amiibo cards to obtain the majority of the villagers. However, the newest villagers don’t currently have amiibo cards available. So that makes finding them completely by chance. Or by the ‘black market of discord’. Which, is extremely competitive.

I’m after Judy for my Island. She’s an adorable little cub bear that was introduced in New Horizons. Meaning the only ways I can get her on my Island is by her randomly appearing at the campsite (Small chance each day), or by finding her on the mystery Island tours (These costs 2000 points per trip). Bear in mind there’s over 400 of these Villagers now, this means that the chance of finding her are extremely thin. If I don’t want to go down the RNG route, then I can turn to the Discord and hope that someone is trading her.

Judy…the elusive little cub

The issue with that is that people tend to want Nook Miles Tickets for the trades. In excess of the hundreds! Bear in mind that these tickets cost 2000 points to produce, and people want sometimes in the region of 400. That’s a ridiculous amount. Rumour has it that some people have discovered a way to duplicate the tickets on the game. The rumour within that rumour is that it’s done via a hacked Nintendo Switch. But these extreme trading rules are what is stopping me from trading.

I have done a few videos on Animal Crossing over on my youtube channel. I haven’t recorded Animal Crossing in a long time, so I’m tempted to do an update video of my Island so you can all see where I have gotten to.

Anyway, I’m back off to my Island to see what else I can do to get Judy…wish me luck.