I used to be so involved with all sorts of editing. You can see examples of it all by looking through this website, checking my youtube and looking at my instagram.

But I’ve always struggled with keeping that motivation. I’ve had another massive break from the editing and the typing up of things on this blog (as you can tell). This time slightly more different though as I’ve actually packed up my HD PVR that I use for recording any gameplay off my consoles. That has been setup for the last few years, to finally put it away must mean something.

As much as I would love to get back into recording and editing videos, editing photos etc. I just can’t. The lack of feedback is pretty demoralising. I mean I get the feedback off the wife and some good friends watching my content. But it never seems to increase from that. I try to not look at the side of, ‘I wanna be big on youtube/ I want popular videos’ etc. But I’d love some of my videos to make double digits at least. Sure, there are a few that have done pretty well. But the majority of my videos just…don’t.

I think I’m trying to say, I’m giving up on the editing. I used to love it, but it ended up feeling like a chore. And that’s not what it should feel like. I will still keep this website and the youtube channel in case I do record or upload anything. But that’s going to be very rare.

Maybe I’ll post again in another few months.