I’m quite ashamed to admit, that I haven’t done as much live streaming as I could’ve. It was really easy to live stream on my xbox as well. Was all built into the console with Mixer. An easy website and function to use, all you had to do was change the title and press start broadcast. So easy.

However, Mixer has now closed down. This means if I want to carry on Live Streaming, I will either need to go to Twitch.Tv or join Facebook Gaming. The only issue with Facebook Gaming is that you will need a Facebook account (unsurprisingly). Now I haven’t had a Facebook account for quite a while now, so setting a new account up really isn’t something I want to do.

So that means my only choice left is Twitch.Tv. After looking into it, turns out the App on the Xbox One is still active and the easiest way to stream. So I’ve created/re-activated my account on Twitch. Done a test stream and it seems to work rather well.

You can follow me on Twitch.TV/MySimplePixel for when I next do some streaming!

Until next time!