So the WWE PPV Elimination Chamber was on Sunday night. Disappointed in it is an understatement. I believe they ruined the main event, but I also understand why they did what they did.

I’ll go into more detail later, but first I want to mention about Braun Strowman losing the IC title to Sami Zayn in that 3 on 1 handicap match. It was awesome that Strowman finally got a singles title. He deserves one after all! But then to loose it so soon after getting it and to Sami Zayn of all people. Can understand the angle they are playing, as Zayn has mentioned it and so did the commentators, that Strowman never got his hands on Zayn. No matter how hard he tried. So now Zayn has pinned Strowman without Strowman laying a finger on him. I can only imagine that there will be hell to pay on Smackdown this Friday night.

Also, special mention to Daniel Bryan and his testicles. Strange sentence I know, but apprently (I never saw it, kinda don’t want to) but during his match his trunks (?) kept riding up to far and his testicles came on show a few times in the match. So for you Daniel Bryan admirers out there, maybe go and study that video.

The tag team chamber match had some really good spots in it. Was torn as I love heavy machinery, but I’ve always loved John Morrison as well. So either of those teams winning would’ve been a plus for me. Some of the high flying moves from the Lucha House party was amazing, especially the one from the chamber roof! Just amazing.

Now, the main event. The womans Chamber match. The winning getting the chance to face Becky Lynch for the title at Wrestlemania. We all knew who was going to win it. Baszler. Before this match started, we had to go make a cup of tea (there is a point to me bringing this up) so we paused it. This is when I noticed that there was only 20 minutes left of the show and the Chamber match hadn’t started yet.

For those of you who don’t know the rules. There are 6 competitors, 2 start and then every 5 minutes another person is let in. That means it takes at least 20 minutes to get everyone in the ring. But there’s only 20 minutes left of the show. Instantly I knew what was going to happen.

It started with Ruby and Natayla, they had a decent little tussle. Sarah Logan then came in third and again, they all had a decent tussle. Then Baszler came in. Wiped out 2 of them within 60 seconds. Natayla was beaten shortly after that (After getting destroyed with the door). Then, which I think was a really bad decision by WWE, this left Baszler in the ring on her own, waiting for the 5 minutes countdown to complete before letting in the next wrestler.

This left the crowd bored. Nothing was happening. 5 minutes might not seem that long while something is going on, but try watching people do nothing for 5 minutes. That 5 minutes becomes alot longer. Finally Liv Morgan was allowed in. She did surprise me as she managed to get in some offence to Baszler. More than all the previous wrestlers did. But she also took a nice swing into the chamber pod door. Looked and sounded painful. She then got her head ripped off from the turnbuckle.

Liv has no head now.

Now we are down to 2. Asuka and Baszler. After sitting around waiting for the 5 minute timer to go down (again) we finally got a bit of a match. Wasn’t a long one for sure, but at least there was much more offense from both side. Baszaler ended up winning and that was the PPV.

Like I said at the start, they ruined this main event by making Baszler wiping the floor with everyone. But then, they did it because she is meant to be dominant in this industry and she is meant to be a threat to Becky Lynch and her title. Should this have been main event…no. But with the card we were given at Elimination Chamber..I couldn’t even suggest a replacement main event.

Until next time.