New look Site!

Hi all, so I randomly had the urge to re-do my website the other day. So I took down the old look, shoved an under construction plugin on and started looking to see what I can do. And this is what we’ve ended up with!!

To be honest, I think it looks alot cleaner and sharper than the previous version. I’m loving how the featured images are a small banner style instead of the huge image they used to be.

I have re-done the gallery page as well. I brought a new gallery for wordpress and it makes orgainsing my photos, edits etc so much easier. On the homepage, there is a latest uploads section which will only show the latest videos or galleries I have done. This is so anyone visiting this website for the photos I take (especially at Comic Cons) can find them with so much ease. If you want to check through all of them, then just hit the gallery button on the menu. It will take you to everything I’ve uploaded photo wise. Click on the youtube button to go to my youtube page (Make sure you subscribe!)

I hope you all enjoy the new look site and I will try harder to keep all this updated more frequently. Love you all!!


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