Rajang Is Here!! First update for Iceborne!

We have now received the first major update for Iceborne. New room items, areas, a new guiding lands area which leads to Rajang. Let me tell you, you are in for one hell of a fight. More on that later..

First of all, we get some lovely new items for a our room, including a music player. So now we can have different music playing in our room while we chill out. Speaking of chilling out, you can now invite your friends over to see you room. Perfect time to show off your decoration talents or your desire to show off all the rare pets you have collected (In my case). Now all I need are friends to show them off to….

One of the best updates so far is the fact you are now able to use the low/high rank armour as layered armor!! YES!! So now I can have that amazing Great Giros armour set on show without having to suffer the terrible stats! Fashion Hunter is now a thing!!

But now onto the main event, I’ve only really fought Rajang before in MHGU on the switch, which was never a nice experience, so to hear that he was on his way to MHWIB was a dream (or a nightmare?) come true. Seeing how much better he looked in the trailers really got me hyped for this fight.

I got up extra early this morning so I could experience it as soon as possible, the cut scene introducing Rajang is amazing. I think I sat there with my mouth on the floor for almost the entire thing. If you haven’t seen it, check here!

Now I’ve beaten Rajang and I’ve seen his armour and the stats. There’s a couple of pieces that I want to try and work into my current GreatSword build…so that means I need to go out and torture myself abit more to get the materials.

Do I need to go to work??

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